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Welcome to the Frozen & Refrigerated Food Council of North Carolina!


The Frozen and Refrigerated Food Council of North Carolina mission is to support retailers and manufacturers in the Southeast by increasing sales and educating the consumer about refrigerated and frozen foods.  Our common goal is to promote the quality, variety, and value in the frozen and refrigerated aisles. Visit our site for recipes, meal ideas and upcoming events!


Fresh Frozen Foods

The quality and convenience of frozen foods is a must-have in our busy lives these days.  Real ingredients and chef-inspired recipes highlight that freshness and nutrition are mainstays in the frozen and dairy aisles.  The sheer variety of foods, allow you to travel the world by walking down the frozen aisles.  Frozen foods are a healthy and economical option for your family.  Homemade taste with the price and convenience make frozen foods a great value.


Wholesome Dairy Aisle Selections


Quality and freshness in today’s dairy aisle are top priorities to our farmers and offer the greatest variety of savory foods.  Flavor is guaranteed so when enjoying dairy, you can be assured of real ingredients and variety.  The refrigerated aisles showcase new products and packaging to increase great versatility in use by dates.  Enjoy refrigerated convenience foods and experience the joy of cooking with your family anytime!


Spotlight Recipe

Try this sweet and savory Tyson Chicken for dinner tonight!







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